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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Online Search Engine Optimization Vital

With nearly 80% of the average consumer’s Web experience beginning with an online search, optimizing online content for search is crucial for hoteliers to compete in the market.
“We’re seeing a big shift from offline working media to online working media,” said Jack Feuer, founder and president at digital consulting firm Digital Marketing Works.

And that can present a challenge for independent properties and smaller chains. “Today, there really aren’t a lot of opportunities for smaller chains to outrank or compete against the bigger brands. It’s a challenge in the environment of brand building,” Feuer said.

Hang said Google’s intention in the travel space is to surface the right contextual information that helps consumers book at one of their partner sites.

And some of the company’s investments, including the acquisition of Zagat and Frommer’s, are expected to make the search experience richer, she said.

Google is focused on extracting even more value for its consumers as travel remains one of its largest areas of traffic, Hang said.

In that aspect, the online-search giant is working to find the best way to send the most relevant information to its travel partners. For example, it would be ideal if a hotelier in Chicago could know if a consumer did a search for a hotel in the area, as well as for a flight that was seven days out and have the knowledge of the traveler’s price sensitivity, she said.

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