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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Culture, Heritage and the Arts in Argyll & Bute

The culture, heritage and arts sector in Argyll and Bute is pivotal to the area’s identity, character and appeal. The sector is diffuse, uncoordinated and geographically dispersed, yet many pockets of brilliance demonstrate the potential to build the strengths of the sector and the cultural distinctiveness and competitiveness of the area. 

Argyll and Bute Council, with support from Highlands and Islands Enterprise, has commissioned us to develop the strategic action plan to sustain and grow culture, heritage and the arts, together with an understanding of the importance of Gaelic to the character of the area.
We value the opinion of stakeholders in the culture, heritage, arts, Gaelic and tourism sectors on the content of the plan, its priorities, opportunities and barriers. We can only do this by talking to a wide range of people. We’ll be conducting a consultative programme, comprising face-to-face and telephone interviews and an electronic survey of organisations and individuals in the sector to ascertain what you consider needs to be done to boost the sector and add to Argyll, Bute and the Islands’ economy and tourism appeal.
We also plan an interactive, facilitated world café workshop to gather participants’ views in shaping and developing the ambitions and actions for the project and generate enthusiasm and commitment for the proposition and the delivery mechanisms. The discussions would be fed by the result of the consultative process to date.
If you are involved in the Culture Arts and Heritage sectors in Argyll & Bute please help us by spending ten minutes on the electronic survey to make sure we understand your perspective of the opportunities and barriers facing you, organisation or business. Click on the link here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RY86T22.
For more information vist project web site: http://www.businesstourism.co.uk/culture-heritage-and-the-arts-in-argyll.htm 

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