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Monday, 11 August 2014

Best UK Casual Dining Restaurant voted in Grass Roots 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Grass Roots, the world’s leading provider of employee and customer engagement solutions, has completed its 2014 study of nearly 4,000 diners to find the best casual dining restaurant in the UK, based on customer satisfaction. Surveying across nine category areas, Jamie’s Italian was voted top, closely followed by TGI Fridays and Loch Fyne. 
The annual report surveyed 54 casual dining brands, including Ask Italian, Nando’s and Yo!Sushi, to ascertain which of the nine categories covering food quality, value for money, menu choice, service, personal welcome, ambiance, drink quality and range, brand reputation and locations were most important to customers in influencing their dining decisions. 
Customer service received the highest score at 74%, followed by 46% of customers saying that food quality was important to their overall experience. Value for money only received 21% of the score when considering a restaurant.
The survey also invited the respondents to role-play the part of a waiter/ess and share the most important factors that they felt would be an important part of their service to a customer. The three most important themes which emerged were; ‘Friendly & Genuine’ (with the word ‘smile’ featuring 1,305 times); ‘attentiveness’ to customer’s needs; and having ‘knowledge’ of the menu, complementary dishes, specials and promotional offers .
Adam Goran, Customer Engagement Divisional Director said: "This survey provides leading casual dining brands real insight into a £6.7billion industry to help them understand what their customers think about them – and their competitors. It’s not surprising to see that customer service – customer engagement – is at the forefront of diner’s requirements. The surveying solution that we provide at Grass Roots, can offer brands extensive data and verbatim analysis that drills down into the areas that really matter to their customers and can really drive positive impact on their business to improve customer satisfaction, customer retention and customer advocacy."

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